How do you get around BA?

As my readers know, I rarely recommend getting around BA by private transport, because you spend much more money and you miss the opportunity to walk the streets. According to The New York Times magazine, Buenos Aires is bigger than NY, so, it is good to know how to get around BA without getting lost. If you are planning to visit BA, let me tell you that there are many ways of getting around my city.

The first of our options is by underground (the tube); this is the quickest way to get around the city and there are many underground stations. The way to use the underground is to get a “sube” card. You can buy “sube” cards at tube stations and in newsagents. It is very easy to use them! you put money on it, and then top it up when you need to, and then you use it every time you get on or off the tube. The other transport option is by bus; the easiest way to use the buses, like the underground, is to just use your “sube” card. Each bus has a different number and route. Please, view the buses website for looking for routes and stops details. Be careful! buses and the underground do not have seat belts...

Another way to get around the city is by taxi. It is more expensive than the bus or underground. It is the most comfortable means of transport in the city. You normally tell the driver where you want to go before you get in the taxi. Then you have the "remises"; they are normal cars which work for a company, and which you have to phone. It is probably the safest way to travel late at night, and it picks you up at your house!

Buenos Aires is well on its way to becoming a cyclist’s city, so, if you have a bicycle you can use it! There are more and more protected bike lanes. If you do not have a bike, do not worry! there are many stations throughout the city and hundreds of free bikes available. Many people are navigating the city streets on bike.

To conclude, the best option is by bike; because it is free, you do some physical activity and you protect the environment.

By Bárbara Bossi